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Like our people, the Igbos, say, "oka chara acha, anya ka eji ahu ya." To add, "anaghi ekpuchi afo ime aka."   
In 1999, Iyke Ibe in conjunctionwith members of Imo Forum, U.S.A., which he co-founded, quickly arranged for His Excellency, the Exeutive Governor of Imo State, Chief Achike Udenwa and his top management team to visit some of the international agencies like the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and several other federal and state government agancies including the White House and some agencies of the United Nations as well as Imo and Nigerian people in the U.S.  Iyke travelled with the then chairman of Imo Forum, U.S.A. and the governor to Washington, Maryland, New York, California, Connecticut, Chicago, Atlanta and New Jersey. This visit for the first time in the history of Imo State placed her squarely in the global limelight. All these led to the conceptualization, formulation and rwalization of the Imo State Trade and Development Ofiice which won the suport of the urbane and vibrant Dr Achike Udenwa's administration. Thus, Iyke Ibe was appointed the first Imo State Trade Representative to head the office in Washington, DC.
Our illustrious and commendable projects are wholly evident and visible. It is no gainsaying the known fact that we have actually impacted the lives of more than one million Imo citizens, both directly and indirectly. We have cut across all sections of our needs. Is it the education fraction? Is it the health industry? Or is it the industrialization needs of the state? We have even revived the lost cultural ingredients which had been the beauty and only sellable commodity of Imo state. The sports spirit in us has again been lighted. These are just a summation of our humble efforts at bringing back our hopeful state to glory. But let us look at the individual impacts.
I remember some years past when I took a casual visit to the Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri  (just to assess their needs), I found out that this distinguished citadel of learning lacked so many educational infrastructures and academic flavors. The school library was stocked with antiquated reference materials, lecturers barely managed to scribble a few statements and notes on the blackboards, lecture halls were disgracefully dressed, staff offices were a write-off, etc. But the one that touched my heart most was a class of students doing a computer class without even a mouse or keyboard in the lecture hall-and it was a practical course. I could not believe it. I was simply stunned. So I left to "arrange it." 
In July 2004,  Alvan Ikoku College of Education received a gift of sophisticated state-of-the-art and contemporary computers linked to the internet, simply known as the Information and Communication Technology Centre (ImoOnline Project).
Still on education, Hon. Iyke Ibe has sought for and sourced over forty thousand (40,000) books for the Imo State Library and school system to encourage a reading culture in our people. He has also gotten a commitment for free books for all Local Governmant Area Libraries and reading cum writing desks for our schools.  
Hon. Iyke Ibeh, knowing the need for educational empowerment, had arranged fund raising metings across the United States and Europe for the Imo State University, Owerri, to enable her attract enough resources to equpi the school and position some of her departments for accreditation. He also sent some materials like computers, optometry equipment, books, laboratory equipment to the university, Alvan Ikoku College of Education and Micheal Okpara College of Agriculture, Umuagwo.
When His Excellency, Dr. Achike Uzoma Udenwa came up with the idea of a teaching hospital in Imo State, he was almost advised against it because of the colossal cost implications. But Iyke in his usual way calmly told his the governor IT CAN BE ARRANGED. Today,the Imo State University Teaching Hospital, Orlu has been commissioned with the greatest and competing medical equipment ever seen in the whole of West Africa, courtesy Hon. Iyke Ibe. The team of medical doctors who came from the U.S.A. to train our own doctors at the teaching hospital was equally at the instance of Hon. Iyke Ibe. The delegation comprised of family physicians, ophthalmologists, general surgeons, urologists, OB/GYNs, optometrists, cardio-thoracic surgeon, orthopedic surgeon, ankle and foot surgeon, plastic surgeon, nephrologist public health specailist, HIV/AID expert, school health specialist, medical informatics expert emergency medical physician and technician, bio-medic engineer, etc.
These equipment at Imo State University Teaching Hospital, Orlu include ambulances, x-ray and dialysis machines, CT-scan, EKG machines, dental and surgical tables and equipment, examination tables, beds and mattresses, over one million syringes and stream-like lists of medical equipment. Above all, these equipment have been installed, tested and running. More so, Iyke arranged for the donors to continually maintain and service these equipment as long as the institution remains open.
Not done with the health sector yet, Iyke brought a medical agency recently to Imo State for an on the spot assessment and evaluation of all medical needs of every General Hospital and health centers in the state. These are being shipped to the state in batches.
On the 20th of December, 2004, at Nkwerre General Hospital, for instance, more than ten thousand patients participated in the free medical care program which the thirty-seven member medical team administered. The Nkwerre Aborigenes Union, U.S.A. represented by Sir Jude Nkpado and the Nkwerre Local Government chairman in the person of Nze Chidi Echefu played important pragmatic roles.
Investors have been woed to come and see the vast areas of industries they can develop in Imo State. World Bank delegates have visited Imo State at the instance of Hon. Iyke Ibe.
In the area of sports development, Hon. Iyke has done wonders. He has not forgotten the love Nigerians and Imo people in particular have for sports. He recently organized the most successful youth soccer competition in Okigwe senatorial zone, where Ehime-Mbano team captained by Gwam won the coveted trophy. The final of this competition was queenly graced by the wife of the executive governor of Imo State, Agbomma Chief Mrs. Theresa Udenwa. For the first time in the history of sports development in Imo State, soccer kits like boots, jerseys were distributed to all participating local government areas.
The recently concluded marathon race is another success story! The news is still reverbrating in and around the state.
Realizing the impact African traditional culture is having across the globe and its inherent tourist potentials and commercial values, he set up the Ike Ibe Cultural Organization. The organization has revived the once extinct Nwaogbom dance in Obowo. This effort has been so successful that the Nwaogbom troupe won the last Omenimo competition in Obowo Local Government Area. They were also part of the cultural assemblage that received the president and commander-in-chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo when the later visited Imo State.
Hon.Iyke Ibe is binding our common collective fronts and mending our differences. Hon. Iyke Ibe is a bridge between the old war horse and the new breed politicians. He cuts across the small and the big, the low and the mighty, the rich and the poor. He is the man we need to lead Imo people to realize their dreams and aspirations. He is the person the cap fits.
Dear people of Imo state please lets give Iyke Ibe, the man who is ALWAYS ON OUR SIDE, the chance to serve and transform our state. This is our chance!